Since Social Dialogue and Collective Bargaing are effective tools to face the redundancy in the liberal professions’ sector due to digitalisation, the project foresees the consolidation of the social dialogue mechanism in Countries with a weak tradition and accelerate the process towards collective bargaining in Countries where the social dialogue mechanism is in force. Several actions are created to support and develop the project. The core actions are represented by the National Seminars and the European Conference to spread the project conclusions.


Guidelines on social dialogue towards the sustainability in the professional sector.
Report on the results achieved by the project
Preparation of the European conference on social dialogue
Background paper for the final European conference
European Agenda on social dialogue for professionals
Summative report on the mechanism of social dialogue in the sector of liberal professions
National reports on the results of the seminars
Report on the impact of digitalisation on professional firms.
Preparation of training programme for seminars
Selection of experts on the mechanism of social dialogue
April 2019: Mutual learning on sustainability measures
European report on the future of social dialogue
Map of representatives of professionals and their employees
Selection of experts on digitalisation trends
Preparation of the report on the analytical activity
Translation of questionnaire from English to Italian
Evaluation report
Research on collective bargaining in France
Questionnaire on collective bargaining and mechanism of social dialogue
Background preparation of focus groups
Report on statistics on professional firms and their staff
Study on social dialogue procedures in the sector of liberal professions
Background preparation of nominal group technique on collective bargaining at national level
Launch of the project and signature of partnership internal agreement